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How to make non-stop progress with guitar

by Johnny

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Hey it’s Johnny,

This question comes up a lot.

Even for guitar players who’ve been at it for a while.

But the fact is, guitar players at ALL levels will eventually run into the same problem. And today I’ll show you how to bust through it completely.

Let me explain…

A long time ago I was just getting started learning the guitar.

I had been practicing the basic “cowboy chords” (G, C, D, Am, Em, etc.) and working on smoothly switching between them.

I had been told that those chords were important for beginners. Because they are used in a lot of different songs (very true).

Basically, they’re what you may call the “80/20” for learning guitar. The 20% you should focus on to make 80% of your progress and get the most bang for your buck.

So I made it a point to get them down cold.

In fact, I would practice switching between them for hours… sometimes strumming to make it sound like a song… and other times just playing a single strum for each chord and rotating between them mindlessly.

But after a while of doing this, as you can imagine…

I started to feel “burned out.”

I started to just lose my motivation for learning the guitar.

And the motivation that made me want to pickup the guitar in the first place… it was fading away FAST.

What’s more: I didn’t feel like I was making ANY progress.

So all in all I felt…

I was stuck in a rut.

So what did I do to bust out of it?

Good question.

And believe it or not… I discovered that there’s actually a very simple way to easily bust out of any rut you may be stuck in… no matter how long you’ve been playing… or how long you’ve been feeling stuck.

It’s simply a matter of changing one SINGLE aspect of your practice.

Make this simple adjustment and you’re almost guaranteed to have a new injection of energy and enthusiasm come over you.

And you’ll immediately start seeing progress again in your playing.

What’s more:

It works EVERY time.

Regardless of what type of rut you’re stuck in.

For example:

Whether you’re suffering from lack of motivation… or you’re having trouble improving your technical ability… or you’re wracking your brain trying to come up with creative new playing ideas…

All of these things can be immediately overcome by applying this simple method.

How does it work?

I’ll tell you by going back to what happened…

So I was truly stuck in a rut.

And I had no idea what to do next.

But instead of doing the typical thing most people try to do when they’re stuck somewhere…

(try to learn NEW stuff to get themselves motivated)

I decided I would just take the stuff I was learning… and apply it in a NEW context.

What I did was… I took the chords I had practiced… looked for a bunch of different songs using those exact chords… and started working on learning SONGS instead of just focusing on how to switch between chords (the technical aspect).

In other words…

I practiced the same stuff (open chords)…

But in a new CONTEXT (musical instead of technical).

The result?

It was an immediate turnaround.

My desire to learn the guitar immediately returned… I had a bunch of major breakthroughs in my playing… and I made HUGE non-stop progress for the next few months.

And I owed it all to the simple method of shifting the “context” of what you focus on while learning the guitar.

Does this sound easy?

It is.

But there’s actually a LOT more to how this process works.

For instance…

What happens if you get stuck in a rut AGAIN after you’ve learned all the songs you can handle?

Unfortunately, this process is not something that can be easily explained in a short blog post.

You would need to first understand the “3 paths to growth on the guitar” and the strategies I’ve developed to handle each those 3 paths most effectively.

That’s way too involved for me to cover here.

But the good news is…

I’ve already covered much of this process in the free No B.S. Guitar Newsletter.

It’s a strategy for making non-stop progress on the guitar, at any level, that you can use time and time again over the course of your career as a guitarist.

And it just so happens… it’s also the perfect solution for anyone stuck in a rut learning the guitar.

Sign up below for FREE.

Till next time…

Wishing you fun times with your guitar!



How to teach yourself the guitar faster using a simple “Pit-Stop” guitar trick... even if you're not naturally talented!

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Ralph December 12, 2013 at 12:22 am

Newbie trying to learn everything I can


Johnny January 1, 2014 at 10:41 pm


Our materials are tailor made for beginner/intermediate guitarists. Do sign up for the free newsletter as it will save you a lot of wasted time due to common mistakes. Enjoy!

All the best,


Mark April 23, 2016 at 7:49 pm

Have been playing for years, but I want more progress. I am a disabled vet on a pension, or I would have already ordered your course. Seems like a great set of ideas you have! Thank you sir,

USCG retired


Johnny April 27, 2016 at 10:35 pm

Thank you Mark! Our course is here when you’re ready. In the meantime, the free newsletter contains a lot of the same tips we give in the course and book. It should tide you over for now. Enjoy!

All the best,


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