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How NOT to pickup chicks with guitar

by Johnny

Let’s face it.

It’s a commonly held belief that knowing how to wield a guitar can score you some SERIOUS advantages with dating.

Mostly for men, but surprisingly sometimes also for women.

For example:

Did you ever fall for a rocker chick? Or wish you could talk to those Asian shredder girls on YouTube?


And while there IS some truth to this (okay, a lot of truth to it)…

I wouldn’t recommend you learn the guitar just to crank up your dating life.


Simply because there’s far more EASIER ways to do that… if improving your love life is your main goal.

It’s just not worth the effort, in my humble opinion.

On the other hand…

If your reason for picking up the guitar is mainly to explore your love of music, to be creative, or just to have fun…

Then the “helps you pickup chicks” aspect is definitely a major BONUS.

One you should not take lightly.

In fact, I think you need every advantage you can get when it comes to the brutal realities of the dating game.

And I recommend you add being a “kickass guitar player” to your arsenal.

But a word of WARNING:

I’ve seen people screw this up big time.

(okay, me)

They may have gotten a few songs under their belt and played it decently a few times by themselves in the bedroom… then decided it was time to show a girl what they got…

Only to degrade into a complete mess live in front of the girl when they need to perform (the guitar I mean, heh)

They get so nervous, the playing comes off not as a gift to the girl, but as desperate begging to be liked and validated.

“Was it good enough? Did you like it?” they seem to be saying without saying.

And 9 times out of 10, the answer seems to be…

“NO, it sucked.”

Because the dude was just TOO nervous and too caught up in the girl’s reaction to focus on putting his heart and soul into the music.

What you get in that case is playing that’s stop and go, littered with mistakes, and music that just sounds plain awful, even if it’s free.


That’s not how you want this to go down.

Instead, what you need to do is this:

1. Decide on a few “go to” songs.

The songs you know for sure will leave a strong impression on a girl and allow you to best express your mojo.

2. Make it a point to MASTER them.

Meaning, focus on getting to the point where playing these songs becomes 100% effortless.

You could play them on demand. Anytime. Anywhere.

Once that’s done…

3. Play them at least TWICE for some of your friends and family.

Once to see where you need some work on.

Another time to smooth out the rough edges.


Do NOT bust your performance cherry on the girl.

She should be like the third or fourth in line when it comes to seeing you perform.

Anyway, after you’ve done all that…

You should be at a point where you’re SO comfortable with the music…

Everytime you play, you’re so totally connected to the music, so totally connected to the guitar (like it’s an extension of your body)…

You naturally EXUDE a dangerous confidence and sexual charisma.

That “special something” that cannot be explained.

You’ve now got it in spades.

At that point…

4. You’re ready.

Go do it.

And knock her socks off.

It’ll be a piece of cake.

All because of a little preparation and correct training.

Don’t make the rookie mistake of going in there hoping she’ll dig it.

KNOW she will.


If you’re at all interested in this “bonus” aspect of learning the guitar, I can guide you through steps 1-3 pretty easily.

It’s all laid out for you in the No B.S. Guitar Newsletter (Signup below).

Step 4 is up to you.

Till next time…

Pick up the guitar, Get the party started!



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