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Why you need to have your sh*t together

by Johnny

Hey it’s Johnny,

Got this email from a reader a while back:

“Johnny I’m loving your advice and I like how it relates mostly to life in general rather than specifically the guitar. In particular the piece of advice you gave which was more or less along the lines of just learning examples and letting your mind do the rest subconsciously.”

Come to think of it, I’ve never thought about it like that.

That the stuff I share is about more than just guitar…

But you know what?

He’s right.

A lot of the stuff I teach ain’t JUST about the guitar, it’s about LIFE in general.

Why is that?

Well when it comes down to it, “success” in anything… whether it be career, relationships, life, or guitar… boils down to the same basic principles.

And if you’ve had any kind of success at all, you’ve probably started to identify some of them.

Stuff like:

  • Not settling for “good ’nuff”
    (I teach to OWN what you learn so it sticks for life)
  • Seeing patterns through repeated EXPERIENCE
    (I teach to develop deep understanding by learning lots of real-life examples)
  • Not letting FEAR stop you
    (I teach to focus on FUN instead of technical skill and public opinion)

And so on…

In other words, you need to have the right MINDSET going in, if you want to master the guitar in the shortest time possible, without the pain, struggling and frustration most guitarists experience.

The bottom line is: You gotta have your sh*t together to succeed in anything

But the sad truth is, most people are NOT aware this is the case.

They think it’s about fancy “tricks” or super secret finger exercises that magically allow them to play guitar with lightning speed.

And so they’re not giving the FOUNDATIONAL principles of success the attention they deserve.

The result?

Mediocrity and failure are the NORM. Success is the EXCEPTION.

Listen, this doesn’t have to be the case.

You can sidestep failure completely and skip the entire “years of frustration” period that most guitarists experience.

In fact, not only can you achieve success in learning the guitar, it can happen FAST.

Now keep in mind, it can’t happen without consistent practice NO MATTER WHAT.
But it doesn’t take ridiculous amounts of time or effort either.
Just a few minutes a day will do.
What counts is the stuff above.
If you want to make HUGE leaps in your guitar playing…

You do it by not stumbling blindly alone down dark alleys.

You do it by following PROVEN principles that are guaranteed to work.

You do it by SYSTEMATICALLY going about how you achieve goals.

And when you remove the guesswork from learning guitar, when you ONLY do things the way it’s been done successfully by hundreds of others, when you ignore the garbage and marketing that’s thrown at you by crappy guitar marketing companies…

Massive improvements in your guitar playing ability can happen fast.

I’m talking weeks.

I myself went from not being able to play a single song to performing solo acoustic sets live in front of my friends within 6 months.

For others it’s could be even faster.

Everyone is different, but what’s most important is that you have the right MINDSET about how to achieve success learning the guitar, the right foundation.

The rest takes care of itself because you’re not wasting ANY time on stuff that doesn’t work (or isn’t right at your current level).

You can learn exactly how to develop this mindset yourself.

I show you how when you sign up for the free No B.S. Guitar Newsletter below.

Till next time…

Pick up the guitar, Get the party started!



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