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The talent myth… de-mythified

by Johnny

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I’ve learned a lot in my life. About all sorts of stuff.

And the thing that really opened the doors for me was a simple realization:

You can get good at anything.

Given enough time spent consistently DOING anything, you can get good at it. I mean seriously scary good.

People often assume when they see someone doing something really amazing, like playing the guitar, that it must be because they are so “talented”. That they were BORN that way.

That is 100% BS.

They got THAT good because they practiced their freakin’ butt off. Day in, day out.

Sure it might be true that they had some minor advantages that made things a little easier, but it doesn’t mean that they could circle around and avoid practicing altogether. Hell no.

If you see talent, they practiced their ass off. Period.

That won’t stop people from LYING about it tho. Some people just love exaggerating and announcing that they didn’t work at all to get to where they are. It makes them seem even more freakishly amazing.

Don’t believe a word of it. It’s completely BS.

We’re better off reminding ourselves that it takes SERIOUS effort to achieve anything worthwhile in life. Anything.

This includes finding a partner, building a successful business, becoming an elite athlete, writing a book, and of course… playing the guitar.

YourGuitarSage Erich recently posted a video that talks about this very thing. I found it to be a great reminder. Take a look…

Sorry to say, there are NO shortcuts in life. If there were, everyone would be doing it and nobody would be impressed.

Luckily, learning the guitar is still a huge challenge for most people. Which is why YOU will be all the more impressive when you learn it :-)



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Johnny April 10, 2011 at 8:00 am

How about you? Lemme know what you think below.


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