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The Elvis song every guitarist should know on guitar – Can’t help falling in love

by Johnny

Post image for The Elvis song every guitarist should know on guitar – Can’t help falling in love

Hey ya’ll,

Hope your guitar playing is improving..

If you’re an acoustic player, you’re gonna want to pay attention to today’s lesson. Why? Because this is like the perfect little acoustic strummer to learn, sing along to, master, and then perform for your special lady.

For christ sakes, Elvis sang it. And he had more panties thrown at his face than any human could possibly handle. (not that you should be learning guitar for that reason… but it’s not a bad problem to have if ya ask me… (so please don’t ask me))

It might have very well been because of sentimental numbers like “Can’t help falling in love” — the song you’re about to add to your repertoire. That’s right.

Get that capo out for this one too. Marty Schwartz from GuitarJamz will be your guide to this classic song. Let’s have a look…


Tears in my eyes… can’t… type… uh….

In all seriousness, lemme know what you thought of this one. It’s one of my favorite Elvis songs.

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Mark H March 5, 2015 at 9:24 am

Great song and video. I’m struggling with getting rhythm, getting strumming down. I can get a strum pattern separately but really struggle with moving into adding lyrics — I don’t seem to get the two working together.


Johnny March 9, 2015 at 7:14 am

My rule of thumb is: When in doubt, slow it down. As slow as is necessary to execute properly, while still having some sense of the song’s rhythm. If you can perform the strum separately, that’s the first step in training your body to get into the feel of the rhythm. Combine the strumming and singing together but do it as slow as necessary to keep them in proper sync.



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