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Self-taught vs private lessons

by Johnny

Contrary to what so-called “guitar teachers” think…

Teaching yourself guitar AIN’T a bad idea.

It’s smart.

And will allow you to learn FASTER in many cases.

Think I’m kidding?

I’m not.

Just consider this:

What do the “guitar teachers” claim is the best reason you need a teacher and shouldn’t learn on your own?


Instant feedback and structure.

In other words…

  • Someone to pay attention to your screw ups (so you don’t have to yourself).
  • Someone to tell you what to do next (so you don’t have to think).
  • Someone to make sure you’re not slacking off (so you don’t have to be disciplined).

And someone you can use as an EXCUSE to not use your brain… and blame if you never make progress and give up.

In short…

Someone else who will be RESPONSIBLE.

And you know what?

Big mistake.

Because the ONLY person who can be responsible for you learning the guitar is YOU.

And when you truly embrace this truth…

You’ll see why it’s actually possible to improve your guitar abilities MUCH faster by learning on your own.

Really let that sink in.


I know this may sound harsh, but I’m telling you this for a good reason.

You see, as I’ve said before…

The truth is…

Learning the guitar is ALWAYS self-taught in the end.

When you really look at it… all a teacher can do for someone is “point to a mountain.”

The student (you) still has to be the one to climb it.

And it’s not any easier just because some old man with a beard is telling you what mountain to climb, how to climb it, and giving you useful advice…

It’s STILL 20,000 feet high.

Fortunately, learning the guitar is nowhere NEAR as difficult as climbing a mountain.

And there is almost zero risk of serious injury or death.

In fact, it’s actually pure FUN and extremely rewarding once you know the PROCESS for teaching yourself new stuff.

What hurts the most (and the reason people develop bad habits)…

Is that people ASSUME they understand the process.

They see a guy practicing and they think that it’s all a matter of putting in enough time… never realizing there’s something deeper going on.

Or even worse, they assume that inborn “talent” has anything to do with it.

When that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Let’s look at the reality:

Imagine you are learning to make a peanut butter jelly sandwich (mmmmmm).

And you hire a “sandwich guru” to teach you all his secrets.

He tells you that first, you need to get two pieces of white bread…

Then, you need to toast the bread…

Next, you should place peanut butter on one piece, and jelly on the other…

Finally, you need to combine the two pieces and cut the sandwich in two.


An amazing PB and J.

Now imagine that you are then asked to make a salami and cheese sandwich with wheat bread instead of white.

And the ingredients are all given to you.


Do you still need a teacher to tell you how to do the same PROCESS with different ingredients?

Probably not, right?

Well here’s the thing:

It’s THE SAME with learning the guitar.

In fact, this is probably the BIGGEST secret of pro guitarists… they mastered the PROCESS early on.

You see, most people really only ever need a teacher in the VERY BEGINNING stages of learning.

So they can be shown the PROCESS.

And once they understand how to toast the bread, put in the meat, spread the jelly, and cut the sandwich…

They’ll pretty much be able to learn ANY new variations… on their own.

Likewise, once you learn to choose the right songs, break a song down into pieces, and correctly organize your practice into a STRUCTURED routine…

You’ll never need to listen to some overpaid “guitar guru” bark orders at you ever again.

It’s that simple.

So the choice is yours.

A. Pay thousands of dollars for expensive lessons every week for the next ten years… just so you can avoid learning a simple PROCESS


B. Learn the simple process of how to teach yourself ANYTHING on guitar (for FREE or cheap) using online TABS… music notation… YouTube videos… or whatever other method you prefer.

I show you how to pick choice B in my No B.S. Guitar Newsletter.

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Till next time…

Pick up the guitar, Get the party started!



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Gary Bowden October 15, 2018 at 2:35 pm

I am very glad I read this article . I have been Playing Guitar for most of my life . I am a self taught guitar player. I love playing and singing. I am hoping to learn more on playing lead and being able to some day play the blues. I can hardly wait for the news letters to start coming. Gary


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