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No B.S. Guitar is born

by Johnny

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Welcome to No B.S. Guitar.

This site was born out of the frustration experienced when looking through the mountains of information available on playing guitar. I mean, it’s truly immense.

I’m sure this is not a unique problem. Perhaps you’ve thought to yourself as well…

“There’s too much goddamn stuff to learn!”

If so, this site may be the solution.

I aim to filter through the constantly growing resources for learning guitar (videos, websites, books, etc) and bring you just the best of what I find. Hopefully, you can feel less overwhelmed and more focused, leading to faster learning and growth.

If not, at least you spent some time on guitar instead of another hour of sitcoms : )



How to teach yourself the guitar faster using a simple “Pit-Stop” guitar trick... even if you're not naturally talented!

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