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Miley Cyrus school of guitar

by Johnny

I’ll explain…Look, I’m sure if you haven’t been hiding in a cave, you’ve probably heard of this chick Miley Cyrus. 


Because she’s the latest example of innocence gone toooootally “bad.”

At least that’s the story she’s selling to the public.

And the way this good-girl-gone-wild did it was by“twerking” at the VMA’s.

For those who don’t know, “twerking” is a type of sexualized dancing where someone (usually female) uses only her butt to make isolated rapid up and down movements.

To be honest, I thought the whole thing was pretty distasteful.

Anyway, believe it or not…

There’s actually a major lesson for guitarists here.

You see, what Miley did… when you strip away the spectacle… is what MANY guitarists have done for years (but not to that extreme).

She took what would otherwise be an ordinary performance of an ordinary song…

And added an element of sexual energy.

Sure, she kinda went a little overboard with it.

And she was going for something so ridiculous, most of us couldn’t even imagine the balls it would take.

But the lesson still stands:

An added bit of sexual energy can make a boring performance into an exciting one.

A few examples that come to mind:

Stevie Ray Vaughan

– Jimi Hendrix

– Jimmy Page

And a bunch more.

Take a look at these guys’ faces, their hands, and their stance, and their whole vibe when in the heat of a live performance.

It’s clearly more than just a dude with a guitar.

And that’s the point:

You can complete blow away an audience only when you infuse your performance with that extra “something” that gives it a magical quality.

Something that makes this guy seem just a tad bit “dangerous.”

When you peel back the curtains, usually that special something is a bit of sexual energy or passion.

But when you think about it, this totally makes sense.

What more sexually charged instrument could there be than a guitar?

Let’s face it: the instrument’s design almost NATURALLY gives it a sexual quality.

I don’t think I even need to explain.

Just take a look at the best guitarists and how they “carry” their guitars.

They don’t pussyfoot around.

They wield the instrument like it’s an extra appendage…

And that’s no accident.

(and definitely not something any piano player can imitate).

Maybe that’s why girls seem to naturally admire guys with guitars in their hands. Who knows…

Anyway, you can and SHOULD be doing this yourself, in your own playing.

Infuse it with a healthy amount of sexual energy and passion.

First, get comfortable just being able to perform a song easily while standing still.


Crank up the sexual energy and really dominate the room with a killer performance that will blow the crowd’s minds.

You’ll be amazed at how much difference a little sexual energy will make.

Especially when the compliments start flowing in.


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I’ll let you handle the second step yourself.

Till next time…

Pick up the guitar, Get the party started!



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