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The Guitar-Player Manifesto

Music is a language.

You can’t learn a language by rote memorization. It must be learned using worthy real-life examples in full context. Your brain will figure out the rules automatically. Let it.

KISS — Learning guitar is simple.

Simple but not easy. It’s about doing a few simple steps over and over consistently. Keyword: consistently. That’s the hard part. But the steps for learning guitar are simple.

Ignore the boring stuff.

All music that is not interesting to you will be ignored. There’s too much good music, to waste any time with the bad.

Pull not push.

Learning is downright easy when you are being PULLED to play the guitar. When you let the music you love draw you in and seduce you to play it. It’s effortless. But if you have to PUSH yourself to pick up a guitar because it’s become “work”, you’ll have an uphill battle ahead of you. It’s not pretty.

Focus on Fun.

Fun and enjoying the experience will be the focus at all times, even when practicing.

Have a context for all learning.

When you have a reason for learning whatever you’re learning, a CONTEXT, that process happens a thousand times faster. But if you try to learn anything on guitar out of context, not as part of a song or a piece of music, you’ll almost certainly take forever to learn it. There’s no comparison.

Never B.S. yourself.

You will be brutally honest with yourself at all times. If you play something sloppy, admit it. Then work on fixing it slowly over time. Not overnight.

Accuracy is king.

Speed will be the extra-bonus for gaining accuracy. Not the goal. If you can’t play accurate, slow it down until you can.

Consistency beats massive effort.

Take 2 guitarists. One practices twice a week for 10 hours straight. The other practices seven days a week about an hour every day. The second guy will always win.

All or nothing.

Long term muscle memory is the only memory you care about. You will not move on to a new song or technique until you have stored it into long-term muscle memory.

You can’t speak a language alone.

Play your music for others. Then improve your skill by seeking advice from “Guitar Mentors”. More advanced guitarists who can help you out.

Learn from the masters.

You can’t be creative with a blank slate. Learn what others have done with the guitar and then use that as a springboard to invent your own ideas.

There are no shortcuts.

There are better ways of learning than others, but by and large there are no shortcuts. It’s all about consistently executing a few simple steps. 1. pick songs 2. practice songs until they’re easy 3. repeat with more challenging songs

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