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The No B.S. Guitar “Wall of Inspiration” — Feel stuck in a guitar rut? Watch these videos!

We’ve all got our own reasons why we picked up guitar in the first place.

Maybe it was seeing Jimi Hendrix in a guitar-burning trance on stage, or watching SRV tear it up covering Voodoo Chile

Whatever your reasons are, for better or worse, you’re now playing the guitar. Fantastic.

But sometimes we forget. We forget the feeling of lustful passion that came over us when we decided to learn the guitar.

Enter the No B.S. Guitar “Wall of inspiration”.

Feeling stuck? Feeling frustrated? And god forbid… even thinking about quitting? (Don’t)

Just watch these videos and watch those fears become overpowered by a new desire to MASTER the guitar. Laugh as those silly excuses become meaningless. Heck, if those little North Korean kids could play a guitar that’s almost as big as they are… what excuse do I have left?


Keep coming back to this page. It’s regularly updated. Watch as the wall grows and grows!

Enjoy the videos and let me know if you come across other inspirational guitar players. I’ll try to get it on here. Thanks.


This first one is simply INSPIRING.

How to teach yourself the guitar faster using a simple “Pit-Stop” guitar trick... even if you're not naturally talented!

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