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Great Beginner Song – Ain’t No Sunshine

by Johnny

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Hey there guitar playa!

I came across this great sounding guitar arrangement for “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers, and I thought I’d share it with ya. The folks at SpyTunes have just put up a video for it.

It’s especially useful for fingerstyle guitarists and sounds great with just one Solo guitar. The “guru” at SpyTunes did a good job of incorporating the rhythm and bass parts together into an arrangement one person can play alone.

Sadly, the video doesn’t have any singing, only the guitar. But I know this song. It’s a good song, and I can almost guarantee that adding a voice singing over this would truly sound amazing. And since there is a regular picking pattern that repeats, it shouldn’t be too bad to learn this one once you get that down.

The chords are only a few: Am7, Em, and Dm7. 3 Chords, but thc Am7 chord changes between a few bass notes, so that may be tricky.

And here’s Bill Wither’s original version for comparison.

Check here for more beginner guitar songs.

Lemme know what you think below!



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