PIT-STOP PRACTICING: The Biggest Advantage In Learning The Guitar Faster Than Most People Realize Is Even Possible

by Johnny Lee, Author, Teacher, and Former Guitarist at P.B.'s Cocktail Bar

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Here's my biggest guitar secret: I call it “Pit-Stop Practicing.”

And you wanna hear something astounding?

In my over 13 of years studying the guitar and nearly 7 years teaching... I have NEVER heard of anything similar to this being mentioned anywhere else before, ever. And know this: I’ve studied A LOT of material on learning the guitar during that time.

And the reason for this is because, as I've mentioned, I didn't pick this up from any guitar book or teacher (I've had 4 in total, including one who wrote for Guitar World magazine).

Instead, like many other great human discoveries, the secret behind Pit-Stop Practicing's astonishing effectiveness actually comes from an entirely different discipline: Performance training.

Before discovering "Pit-Stop Practicing," I would practice for hours upon hours everyday in my bedroom, and actually see almost no real improvements from week to week. At one point, I was so disappointed and frustrated, I put away my guitar and nearly quit learning it for good.

Since discovering Pit-Stop Practicing, I’ve been able to consistently master new songs... steal my favorite licks... and pick-up new techniques on the guitar, almost effortlessly...

... week after week... no matter how difficult they used to be.

I went from struggling with chords and strumming in my bedroom… to confidently performing LIVE at a local cocktail bar... again, all in about 3 months. And things took off even more from there.

Hey listen, I never made it to the cover of Rolling Stone, but c'mon... that's still pretty incredible! Plus, to be honest, I never actually believed it could happen for me, not in a million years.

When I started, I had NO advantages. I knew as much about playing music as I did about rocket science—almost nothing. I studied music only once in my life (for school), and I did terrible. Nor did I grow up in a musical family or have friends who knew how to play the guitar to guide me. And as you know, "natural talent" clearly wasn't on my side either. My first 3 years of learning… I couldn’t play a single song cleanly from beginning to end, no matter how much “practice practice practice” I put in. And believe me, I put in the time (although learning guitar as a busy adult certainly didn't make it any easier).

Anyway, the good news for you is, I believe this same learning process can work for pretty much anyone. All it really takes is knowing how to apply a simple, easy process, that you can probably learn in a few hours.

No matter what style of guitar you play, or what type of music you want to learn (blues, rock, counry, jazz, funk, flamenco, classical, metal, etc.)... IF you apply what I'm about to share with you... you'll be able to master new guitar techniques and difficult songs like you've never imagined possible.

To this day, I continue to successfully apply this amazing secret to every single thing I learn on the guitar, almost universally. And to this day, it continues to multiply the effectiveness of pretty much everything I learn.

How does "Pit-Stop Practicing" actually look like?

According to my personal experience, what I've learned from teaching others, and everything I’ve been taught about training the human body… here’s what correct practice ACTUALLY looks like:

1. Practice few things…

2. for short amounts of time…

3. and repeat enough times without exceeding your body’s ability.

Not rocket science, right?

Right. However, the thing is…

As simple as this sounds, it can actually be tricky to APPLY correctly, unless you’ve been shown how by someone "in the know." And, like everything else… going from theory to practical everyday use is easier said than done. There’s a few more important details you need to know (but once you do, it’s a piece of cake).

If you want to learn the EXACT way that I’ve been taught to do this, how I currently implement this, and the way I’ve taught others (that’s getting amazing results)… Now you can learn about this entire process in a new downloadable book called:


Secret Strategies Most Guitarists Will Never Tell You About To Go From Beginner To Head-Turning Guitar Player Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

I’ve discovered what I believe is probably one of the simplest, most powerful tricks for making you dangerously good on guitar, FAST.

“Pit-Stop Practice” works by having you make a slight change in the way you practice to actually fool your brain into remembering new finger movements faster (improved muscle memory) - so natural talent becomes far less important.

I’ve condensed down everything I’ve learned about Pit-Stop Practice, what it is, how it works, and how to easily apply it, into a short 66-page book called: The No B.S. Guitar Advantage.

Here's what some of our students had to say after reading this book (yes, these are all REAL and written by actual customers):

“I am impressed by the lessons in the book!”

Speaking as a professional Drummer, on the road with Steve Hackett, touring the album Genesis Revisited 2, I take a guitar with me everywhere to practice. Your methods are great! I came across similar from a teacher I had many years ago, but lost contact with, for one reason or another. I feel very connected with this idea, as I myself run a music school in London, and teach Drums, but we also cover Guitar, Bass Piano and Vocals. [The book's advice] is pretty much what I preach too, as I believe you learn 10 to 20 times more when doing a rehearsal, than in any lesson... thanks again for what seems like a great product, and insight!” —Gary O'Toole,
Professional drummer for Steve Hackett

“The best no nonsense guitar course available”

“Johnny has done all the hard work and made all the mistakes to present a real way forward for actually PLAYING guitar. Not just tips to play, but a real solid foundation for making real music... This (book) is worth a lot more than he is asking and you could pay a great deal more for a hell of a lot less. At this price you cant lose.” —Robert Johnson, U.K.

“Things I never considered before”

“After playing guitar for a couple of years and progressing slowly I wanted to speed up my mastery to higher levels... I had a shock with some of Johnny's advice as I naturally believed the more you practice, the better. After trying Johnny's system for a couple of months I can tell you categorically that focusing on the quality of your practice rather than the quantity is the key to rapid improvement. The book doesn't stop with its ideas on deliberate practice however and goes on to focus on many other very useful areas as well... The highlight is the chapter on how to have fun while learning, I and I'm sure many others have been discouraged in learning guitar by the tedious practice drills some teachers encourage. Johnny shows you learning doesn't need to be this way and for that reason I have given this *boom* five stars. Thanks Johnny!—Peter Mitchell

“My practice is definitely more effective than before”

“I have a fabulous (and affordable) guitar teacher, so I wasn't sure I really needed this book. But I was curious to see what was so revolutionary in learning how to play the guitar... I found that I was already using a few of the strategies - ones already suggested by my instructor... It's definitely worth it. My practice is definitely more effective than before. I'm also finding that I'm more comfortable playing/practicing around other people... it is concise, easy to read, and it contains several strategies that are easy to incorporate and significantly accelerate a serious student's progress.—J. Newton, Tennessee

“Worth more than the lessons I took”

“I’m not a kid anymore, but I’ve been trying to learn guitar on and off for the last 10 years for fun. Mostly trying to teach myself through information I find on the internet, when time permits... After being frustrated with not having a clear direction learning the guitar, I finally stumbled upon his website while looking for blues and country beginner lessons. I immediately saw that what Johnny teaches is far different than what anyone out there is currently teaching. He talks about strategy instead of techniques... each lesson is just chocked full of wisdom and I’ve gained so much from just applying a few of them... I can see how even advanced players could benefit, but I think it’s most suited for beginner or intermediate players. The one glaring omission is that, as I said before, it’s all strategies and advice on avoiding the common beginner mistakes, and not at all about techniques... But a quick google search is all you need nowadays. Whereas the stuff Johnny teaches, I’ve honestly never seen anywhere before. I definitely recommend anyone serious about guitar check this out immediately. It will really change how you see approaching the guitar.—S. Sopaphun

“No B.S. is right!”

“Straight and to the point. Finally someone who takes the same approach to guitar that I have for years. Most, not all, guitar teachers will string you along for as long as they can. (Because it makes them a LOT of money)... Playing the songs you enjoy and learning them by ear, and by trial and error, is the best way to go and usually the most enjoyable... As Johnny says, don't play anything you don't like. There is some really good information here. Grab it!!—Heddon 25, Illinois

“Best guitar advice out there!”

Hands-down the best down-to-earth guitar advice we all need to hear! Attitude, mind-set, discipline, and focus are just some of the issues we all need to have, even before we pick up our guitar for practice.” —Rodrigo E. Rodero

“Held on because of his sage advice”

“Love Johnny's email tips. Guy is serious about making us better players. I am beginner and have held on because of his sage advice. Thanks Johnny rock on bro!” —Michael A. Keenan

“Worth the price”

“This is an energetic book with many commonsense suggestions to practice. He seems very sincere in his desire to teach and his emails are something I anticipate each day. As I said, worth the investment.—Submariner, Arizona

“Good for newbies and intermediate guitarists”

Even if you've been playing for 5 years, you might find something here that is new. But if you've been playing for decades, you might want to pass it by.” —M. Krohne, Atlanta, GA

“So true!!”

“This book will not only give you great advice on how to play the guitar, but also great advice on real life. It will give you something to think about, maybe something you did not realise until now. But I promise you, this will give you motivation, and put a smile on your face.” —Liv Marte Ellingsen

“One of the best Investments in my Progress”

“Johnny's approach to 'teaching' guitar is to mentally guide us through what really matters in learning the craft. After reading through his strategies a few times, I feel I'm on a better path when practicing. Looking forward to all Johnny has to offer and only have high regards to his material.” —J. Olivares, Texas

“Worth a read”

“For learning to play guitar as your first instrument, I think this is a great book and worth reading.” —Earl Bosch

“Important Foundational Advice”

“...I have to say, if I never buy anything from the author, the advice given in the book will be invaluable as I progress as a guitarist. I will probably eventually prioritize the $90 or so for the course. The man leaves a strong impression of knowledge and sincerity.” —D. Moeser

“Very Motivational!”

“I always look forward to reading Johnny's free emails and I was excited to get a peak at this short book. I find his advice very motivational and this brief book is a great summary of key approaches to ultimately mastering guitar assuming that you truly enjoy playing. This book and his advice in email is not excessively technical but as you know, there are plenty of other Internet sites to get into technical detail (as boring yet necessary as some of it may be). This brief book however may motivate you to revise your current haphazard approach to learning and accelerate your growth. Thanks Johnny!” —Mark J. Brennan

Over 12,000 Copies Already Sold

Without a traditional publisher, The No B.S. Guitar Advantage stunned the guitar world and became an "underground" best-seller—selling over 12,210 copies in record time. (And it's still not available in bookstores.)

Here’s a preview of what's inside:

  • Where to begin if you’re just getting started.
  • The 6 most common mistakes made by beginner guitarists.
  • How to ensure you’ll lay the proper foundation and avoid forming bad habits.
  • A mental trick you can use instantly to ensure you’re fingers are moving properly at all times (in a relaxed, tension-free way)… while allowing you to play faster and smoother.
  • Why choosing the wrong guitar to practice with could prevent you from ever playing with ease and confidence (and an inexpensive way to modify the guitar you currently have if you can’t buy a new one).
  • The surprising truth about talent and whether you need it for learning the guitar.
  • Why using YouTube and other guitar websites have proven time and again to cause beginner guitar players to block their own progress… and more importantly… the 6-word solution to FIX it (This could be life-changing for anyone who uses the internet to learn guitar.)
  • 6 guaranteed ways to struggle less and have more fun immediately, even if you’re still a complete beginner at learning the guitar.
  • How to develop speed without losing accuracy (believe it or not… a metronome is not actually made for increasing your speed. I’ll show you a free software tool that IS.)
  • The simplest, most powerful way I’ve ever discovered to immediately “put your guitar learning on steroids” that anyone can use in 5-minutes.
  • How to overcome any fear of playing in front of other people, even if you’re still an unconfident beginner (this lesson has frequently been called “the best article I’ve ever read” by guitar players of every age)
  • And much much more…

Why stumble around blindly trying to learn the guitar yourself?

How much is your time worth?

Why should you have to go out and sort through hundreds of different courses, guitar methods, and systems… just to play a few tunes for your friends?

Now you don’t have to. Because I’ve already done all the hard work for you, and made all the mistakes. Then I took some of the most valuable tricks I’ve learned and put it into a short, easy-to-read book. All you have to do is absorb the information, and then apply the simple steps.


  • having precise control over your hands and fingers
  • rarely if ever screwing up and stumbling during a performance
  • having the power to almost force your fingers to perform the most difficult guitar techniques imaginable
  • being able to keep up and play along with other musicians and records at full speed
  • knowing without a doubt you can learn anything, no matter how tough, given a few days
  • learning new chords, new solos, and new techniques with almost effortless freedom
  • the feeling of accomplishment you’ll have when you finally “crack the code” on mastering the guitar and live the rest of your life creating wonderful music and sharing it with others
  • being able to help other struggling guitarists who would otherwise be clueless and stuck
  • eliminating the worry, anxiety, and frustration of not being “talented enough” from your life forever

Why it’s just $19.95

I've packed some of the most powerful, hard-hitting concepts I've ever heard of anywhere into this short book. It's beyond anything you'll find in bookstores.

But there's just ONE catch: I've condensed everything down into one 66-page book without ANY fluff or B.S. If you are looking for a 300-page phone book full of nothing but techniques and scales... keep moving. This is not for you.

For everyone else, I’m only charging $19.95 for this book, and not giving the book away for 3 reasons:

1. $19.95 puts the book within reach of the vast majority of people. It’s not too expensive for even the humblest beginner guitarist.

2. Anyone who’s not serious enough about their guitar playing to invest $19.95 into this book likely isn’t going to take the time to use the methods laid out in the book anyway. That's the honest truth.

3. Anyone who is serious enough to put down the price of a fast food dinner and buy this book will be among the small group of exceptional people who get to enjoy the gifts of playing the guitar for the rest of their lives.

Sound fair enough?

Now, if you’re thinking, “$19.95 is too cheap. What’s the OTHER catch?”

Sorry, but there is none. I’ve devoted over 13 years of my life to studying guitar and the last 7 years of my life to teaching the guitar, so I know how desperately people need the information contained in my book. And I’m openly sharing with you my #1 biggest guitar secret at a reasonable price because I know you'll become a customer for life... once you've tried it.

So if you’re serious about getting good at the guitar without wasting any more time on the confusing nonsense out there, click the “Add to Cart” button below now. If you need to justify the expense, skip going to McDonalds once this week, and it’s already paid for.


Listen, from my years of teaching, I know that one size does not fit all. This book will NOT be right for everyone. Therefore, I offer the following DOUBLE guarantee to put your mind to ease...

Guarantee #1: If for any reason you think my book isn’t the best $19.95 you ever spent, just send me an email and I’ll gladly refund every penny of your $19.95.

Guarantee #2: If you actually APPLY the secret method I explain to you in my book and your results aren’t great… I’ll actually refund you DOUBLE what you paid. .

If you're wondering if I really honor my guarantee no matter what... YES, I do. I treat people how I would want to be treated, no silly games. In fact, since we started in 2010, I have never refused a single customer who asked for a refund. I think we can both agree this is extremely fair, no?

All I ask is that you give me an honest effort, and please don't abuse this policy

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60-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee. Cancel Anytime.

60-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee. Cancel Anytime.

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Wishing you fun times with your guitar,

Johnny Lee

P.S. – I don’t claim to have the only effective method for learning the guitar ever developed. If that were true, we’d never have geniuses like Hendrix, Clapton, Page, and many others to look up to and admire.

No. Instead, what I do have is a very fast method… a simple, proven and effective way to master the physical aspect of playing the guitar, quicklyWITHOUT going the traditional “brute force” way of practicing 10,000 hours.

My point is, why do things the hard way? Why not save yourself some time, and a lot of hard work, and invest a mere 19 bucks to learn this proven approach?

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Click The Orange "Add to Cart" Button to Claim The No B.S. Guitar Advantage Right Now

YES, I want in! I want access right now to The No B.S. Guitar Advantage book digital edition. Please give me INSTANT access to this step-by-step training right now!

  • The No B.S. Guitar Advantage book digital version ($47 VALUE)
  • KINDLE (MOBI), EPUB, and PDF formats so you can read it anywhere on your phone, e-reader, laptop and tablet
  • FREE BONUS: Pit-Stop Practice automation software ($50 VALUE)

60-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee. Cancel Anytime.

60-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee. Cancel Anytime.

Today Only: $47 $19.95

 For your security, all orders are managed by our GeoTrust secured server using 256-bit SSL encryption and processed by STRIPE Payments, a trusted PCI LEVEL 1 compliant 3rd-party. No credit card information stored by No B.S. Guitar.