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Don’t got rhythm? Here’s how to get some…

by Johnny

Post image for Don’t got rhythm? Here’s how to get some…

It doesn’t matter what you play. If you wanna make music, you need rhythm.

But sadly, rhythm is neglected HEAVILY by many guitarists (I’m guilty as well). We’re mostly concerned with hitting the goddamn note properly and playing at ridiculously fast speeds (as if that’s the key to good music).

Well, never too late to learn I say. And I this guide recently posted by Robert Johnston at Share My Guitar will help you do just that.

I came across it just now, and I must say… he’s nailed it. In fact, most of the things he talks about, I recommend as well in my free newsletter (hint hint).

If rhythm is a weak point for you, I recommend you visit that page now.



How to teach yourself the guitar faster using a simple “Pit-Stop” guitar trick... even if you're not naturally talented!

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