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Chris Ladd’s ChordBank Pro – Very cool app for iPhone

by Johnny

Post image for Chris Ladd’s ChordBank Pro – Very cool app for iPhone

Hey what’s up, it’s Johnny,

Songwriters, listen up!

I came across a very cool app today that GuitarNoize was kind enough to review.

It’s called ChordBank Pro. And it’s friggin neat.

Here’s why…

Smart Chords work just like the genius button on iTunes—pick any chord, hit ‘Smart Chord’ button, and ChordBankPro not only finds other chords that will sound great played together, but shows you what keys those chords live in. G major, for instance, could be I of G major, IV of D major, or V of C major, and each of those ‘aliases’ brings with it a new set of progressions.

Holy crap! It actually recommends you a fat list of chords that sound good with the chord you’re looking up. Think that might be useful when writing a song?


Anyway, you can check out the full review over at GuitarNoize. They’re good folk.

And lemme know what you think of this little piece of technology we have here. Hit me with your comments below.



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