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Blues en Do – Fingerpicking blues tune that you can play solo (Intermediate)

by Johnny

Post image for Blues en Do – Fingerpicking blues tune that you can play solo (Intermediate)


Today’s lesson might get people thinking you’re a “genius” at guitar. They’ll literally be super impressed with your guitar playing.

Listen, I’m not recommending you try to impress other people.

But if for whatever reason you wanted to impress other people… you’ve got a few choices: 1. playing stuff at demonically high speeds 2. improvising while making “I’m constipated” facial expressions or 3. playing both the melody and rhythm at the same time.

For some reason, all of these things gets people thinking you’re some kind of “guitar god”.

You won’t learn about the first two here (especially the second one)… but you can get started on the third one — playing both rhythm and melody simultaneously — if you check out the video below posted by Guitar Nick.

Keep in mind, this is not recommended for absolute beginners unless you want to spend forever learning it.

Gp here for beginner guitar songs.

Check it out and lemme know what you think in the comments below.



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