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If you want to play your favorite songs on guitar then learning to read guitar chord diagrams is absolutely critical.

Especially for beginners interested in pop, rock, blues, and other styles of guitar. Chord diagrams are the key to correctly fingering the chords used in any song whether you are working with TAB, music notation software, or even a song book.

More importantly, it’s not enough to know that a song uses C, A minor, E7, and D… you must also know which version (which EXACT fingering) is being used in any particular song. Otherwise the song may sound pretty awful.

Fortunately, it’s an easy skill to pick up once you know the tips below. And after that I’ll also show you my secret way to master playing these chords faster. So by the end of today’s lesson, you’ll be reading and playing chords like a pro!
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Hey it’s Johnny,

This question comes up a lot.

Even for guitar players who’ve been at it for a while.

But the fact is, guitar players at ALL levels will eventually run into the same problem. And today I’ll show you how to bust through it completely.

Let me explain…

A long time ago I was just getting started learning the guitar.

I had been practicing the basic “cowboy chords” (G, C, D, Am, Em, etc.) and working on smoothly switching between them.

I had been told that those chords were important for beginners. Because they are used in a lot of different songs (very true).

Basically, they’re what you may call the “80/20” for learning guitar. The 20% you should focus on to make 80% of your progress and get the most bang for your buck.

So I made it a point to get them down cold.

In fact, I would practice switching between them for hours… sometimes strumming to make it sound like a song… and other times just playing a single strum for each chord and rotating between them mindlessly.

But after a while of doing this, as you can imagine…

I started to feel “burned out.”

I started to just lose my motivation for learning the guitar.

And the motivation that made me want to pickup the guitar in the first place… it was fading away FAST.

What’s more: I didn’t feel like I was making ANY progress.

So all in all I felt…

I was stuck in a rut.

So what did I do to bust out of it?

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A funky rhythm guitar blues lesson

Hey ya’ll, Johnny here… If you’re looking to funk up your playing, today’s your lucky day. I just ran into this lesson at that shows an awesome sounding funk guitar rhythm, explained step-by-step.

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7 biggest complaints about guitar

Hey it’s Johnny, I get it. Sometimes there are things that get in the way. And you can’t give the guitar the focus it deserves. Fair enough. It happens to everyone, even the pros. BUT… if you’re really serious about getting good (fast) at the guitar, you need to dispose of all the complaints below. […]

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Self-taught vs private lessons

Contrary to what so-called “guitar teachers” think… Teaching yourself guitar AIN’T a bad idea. It’s smart. And will allow you to learn FASTER in many cases. Think I’m kidding? I’m not. Just consider this: What do the “guitar teachers” claim is the best reason you need a teacher and shouldn’t learn on your own? ANSWER: […]

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Why “finger agony” murders your speed

Hey it’s Johnny, Quick lesson here on what fingerings to use when playing chords or scales. Here’s what I mean… So I’ve been doing a bunch of traveling lately. Flying from Malaysia… to San Francisco… to Hong Kong… to Taiwan. Literally from one side of the world to the other… … and back again. It’s […]

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