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Post image for Are you afraid to play guitar in front of other people?

Be honest. Are you afraid to play in front of other people?

You’re not alone. Lot’s of guitar players, young and old, lock themselves up in the bedroom because they feel insecure about their playing. They get anxious when it’s time to show off what they’ve been practicing so hard on for weeks. And the anxiety shuts them down COLD.

I personally know what it’s like to feel insecure about yourself. For me it used to be with looks. But it doesn’t matter what area it is, it’s not a good feeling.

Listen, it’s going to be hard to give you a quick fix for that (there ain’t one). But I’ll tell you something that may help.
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Post image for 7 biggest complaints about guitar

Hey it’s Johnny,

I get it.

Sometimes there are things that get in the way. And you can’t give the guitar the focus it deserves.

Fair enough.

It happens to everyone, even the pros.

BUT… if you’re really serious about getting good (fast) at the guitar, you need to dispose of all the complaints below.

So without further ado, here are…

The 7 Biggest Complaints About Guitar (that in reality don’t apply):

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Self-taught vs private lessons

Contrary to what so-called “guitar teachers” think… Teaching yourself guitar AIN’T a bad idea. It’s smart. And will allow you to learn FASTER in many cases. Think I’m kidding? I’m not. Just consider this: What do the “guitar teachers” claim is the best reason you need a teacher and shouldn’t learn on your own? ANSWER: […]

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How to make non-stop progress with guitar

Hey it’s Johnny, This question comes up a lot. Especially for guitar players who’ve been at it for a while. But the fact is, guitar players at ALL levels will eventually run into the same problem. And today I’ll show you how to bust through it completely. Let me explain… A long time ago I […]

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How NOT to pickup chicks with guitar

Let’s face it. It’s a commonly held belief that knowing how to wield a guitar can score you some SERIOUS advantages with dating. Mostly for men, but surprisingly sometimes also for women. For example: Did you ever fall for a rocker chick? Or wish you could talk to those Asian shredder girls on YouTube? Exactly. […]

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Why “finger agony” murders your speed

Hey it’s Johnny, Quick lesson here on what fingerings to use when playing chords or scales. Here’s what I mean… So I’ve been doing a bunch of traveling lately. Flying from Malaysia… to San Francisco… to Hong Kong… to Taiwan. Literally from one side of the world to the other… … and back again. It’s […]

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