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Beginner Guitar Song – Katy Perry’s E.T. acoustic style

by Johnny

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Hey ya’ll,

Today’s post is for the Katy Perry fans out there. Specifically, you guys who like her song called “E.T.”.

I personally never even heard of it until today.

So I checked out her Youtube video earlier….

Holy crap! Over 42 million views for this one song alone. Obviously SOME of you must like her.

So for those of you who do, this ones for you guys ;-)

I just found this video posted by and it’s pretty solid. They’ve figured out all the chords and demonstrated how to play the entire song using a simple strumming pattern.

To be honest, it sounds nothing like the original. But hey, what do ya expect? It’s being playing on an acoustic guitar after all.

That said, it’s a solid song to learn and not too difficult. Good practice for intermediate players and a fairly challenging song for beginners (it’s got one Bminor barre chord).

Take a look

Here’s the original video by Katy Perry (the one with 42 million hits!!!)

Check here for more beginner guitar songs.

Alright. Don’t lie. What did you think of this one? Lemme know below.



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