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Are you learning the guitar for the wrong reasons?

by Johnny

Post image for Are you learning the guitar for the wrong reasons?

Hey Johnny here,

I’m gonna get a little serious on you today, but I think it’s important.

Question: Why did you pick up the guitar in the first place?

Was it to impress people? Be admired? Get girls? Or simply because you love music and want to express yourself?

You see, because it makes a big difference – where your motivations come from. If you have the wrong motivations, guitar could end up being an honest to God frustrating experience that I wouldn’t wish for anyone.

I was lucky. When I got into guitar, it was motivated purely by my love of music and how it brings people from all different walks of life together. Music connects people like no other.

I was in university when my friend Art showed me how to play “House of the rising sun” on his acoustic. I was immediately blown away by how good it was. He’d been playing for just 2 months. Then when he told me that he’d learned on his own using nothing but the internet, I knew that was it. I had found my new outlet. There was no turning back. I was going to learn the guitar no matter what.

As I got better, I saw all the insane crazy things you could actually accomplish with just a piece of wood and some strings. The world of guitar just kept getting bigger and bigger. And it sucked me in without warning.

The next thing you know, I was motivated by more than just music. I actually started to think about how to become “impressive” on the guitar. How to get really good technically.

And you know what? It sucked.

Picking up the guitar became a chore. Instead of looking forward to it, I started to resent having to stick to these rigid rules, learn these boring exercises, and studying the boring theory. The joy was gone.

And for what? For a motivation I really didn’t even have when I began.

But luckily for me, that didn’t last. I later discovered how to learn guitar even more effectively without any of that. And I learned to focus on making music I want, instead of technical things. Yes, I still do exercises on occasion, but it’s less a chore as it is a little extra work I look forward to putting in to achieve the sound I have in mind.

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Today, I came across this video by Stevie Snacks which covers his own experience with having the wrong motivations. And how it has affected his journey.

Check it out

Like he says, “it won’t last”.

You may feel the high of being admired in the moment, but the constant need to be re-validated will keep you in constant hell. It’s like an addiction that you created yourself. That traps you.

Instead, it might be wise to just work on not needing that. The validation. Just be proud of what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it. Be proud of who you are as a person that is in control of his own life. Who directs his own future.

That will set you free. It did for me.

Let me know what you think below.



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