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The Shred

I got started with guitar late. I was already a busy adult.

It began when my friend Art called me one day and said he wanted me to hear something.

“Go for it”, I said.

Next thing I know, he played me a near-perfect, fingerpicked “House of the Rising Sun” with his acoustic guitar.

I asked how long he had been practicing, and to my surprise, he said it only took him 2 WHOLE MONTHS. My jaw dropped to the floor.

“Two months?! That’s it?” I couldn’t believe it.

In that short moment, my life changed forever.

And Art had no idea it even happened.

You see, I went home, proceeded to do a ton of research on guitars, and by bought my very first guitar the next week: An Ibanez acoustic guitar with blue-sunburst finish (for around $200).

(Turns out that particular Ibanez was a terrible guitar by the way.)

I spent the next 3 years practicing 2-4 hours every day.

Problem was, I still sounded awful. Not even close to what Art had achieved in just 2 months. And I had no clue why.

So I decided, “The heck with this! I’m gonna go take some lessons”

At first, I went through two teachers who didn’t know the first thing about teaching, and even had trouble playing the guitar themselves. A huge waste of time and money.

Finally, I found someone who seemed PERFECT:

The lead guitarist for an iconic classic rock band. (You’d know the band if I mentioned it) He even had his own column in Guitar World magazine.

This guy was a musical GENIUS.

He knew his music theory cold and showed me stuff that would’ve taken me years to figure out.

I did everything he told me to, exactly like he wanted.

But after 6 months of training with this guitar “teacher”… disappointed

I STILL sounded awful. And maybe even worse than before. In fact, I still couldn’t play a single song from beginning to end.

And then it got even worse: One day I showed up to a lesson 10 minutes late and started apologizing,

“I’m so sorry, there was a problem with the train and—”

“Wait”, he said, cutting me off, “Listen, I don’t think you’re improving fast enough. There will be no lesson today. You need to find a new teacher. And I’m keeping the money because you wasted my time.

And just like that, he destroyed my career in music.

I was crushed. I never imagined a teacher could treat his student so terribly.

I couldn’t play guitar for weeks after that.

But you know what? After some time went by, I thought again about what he said. And something changed inside me….

I got ANGRY.

Why? Because I was convinced about two things: ONE, that guy didn’t know the first thing about teaching. And TWO, he was WRONG about me. I DO have what it takes to play guitar just as good as anyone. AND…

I was going to prove it.

So I made a vow that day.

I swore that if I ever got to a point where I could play guitar like I wanted.. I would help anyone who wanted to learn how I did it.

I would help ANYONE and EVERYONE. Just so another a-hole guitar “teacher” wouldn’t be able to ruin another innocent kid’s music career.

No B.S. Guitar intends to do exactly that.

I’ve figured out EXACTLY why I wasn’t improving. And most importantly, I’ve figured out EVERYTHING I needed to be doing to learn faster than I ever imagined possible.

You’re going to learn it ALL.