"PIT-STOP PRACTICING": The Biggest Advantage In Learning The Guitar Faster Than Most People Realize Is Even Possible

by Johnny Lee, Author, Teacher, and Former Guitarist at P.B.'s Cocktail Bar

“I have been playing guitar for 15 years… I had never heard that someone had developed or applied (guitar) in a way like you’ve done. I have a couple of weeks studying under your advice and I can say I’ve improved and I found other new possibilities for my development as a guitar player.” —Moisés Guerra

Here's my biggest guitar secret: I call it “Pit-Stop Practicing.”

And you wanna hear something astounding?

In over 13 of years studying the guitar and more than 7 years teaching... I have NEVER heard of anything similar to "Pit-Stop Practicing" being mentioned anywhere else before, ever. And know this: I’ve studied A LOT of material on learning the guitar during that time.

And the reason for this is because, as I've mentioned, I didn't pick this up from any guitar book or teacher (I've had 4 in total, including one who wrote for Guitar World magazine).

Instead, like many other great human discoveries, the secret behind Pit-Stop Practicing's astonishing effectiveness actually comes from an entirely different discipline: Performance training.

Before discovering "Pit-Stop Practicing," I would practice for hours upon hours everyday in my bedroom, and actually see almost no real improvements from week to week. At one point, I was so disappointed and frustrated, I put away my guitar and nearly quit learning it for good.

Since discovering Pit-Stop Practicing, I’ve been able to consistently master new songs... steal my favorite licks... and pick-up new techniques on the guitar, almost effortlessly...

... week after week... no matter how difficult they used to be.

I went from struggling with chords and strumming in my bedroom… to confidently performing LIVE at a local cocktail bar... again, all in about 3 months. And things took off even more from there.

Hey listen, I never made it to the cover of Rolling Stone, but c'mon... that's still pretty incredible! Plus, to be honest, I never actually believed it could happen for me, not in a million years.

When I started, I had NO advantages. I knew as much about playing music as I did about rocket science—almost nothing. I studied music only once in my life (for school), and I did terrible. Nor did I grow up in a musical family or have friends who knew how to play the guitar to guide me. And as you know, "natural talent" clearly wasn't on my side either. My first 3 years of learning… I couldn’t play a single song cleanly from beginning to end, no matter how much “practice practice practice” I put in. And believe me, I put in the time (although learning guitar as a busy adult certainly didn't make it any easier).

Anyway, the good news for you is, I believe this same learning process can work for pretty much anyone. All it really takes is knowing how to apply a simple, easy process, that you can probably learn in a few hours.

No matter what style of guitar you play, or what type of music you want to learn (blues, rock, counry, jazz, funk, flamenco, classical, metal, etc.)... IF you apply what I'm about to share with you... you'll be able to master new guitar techniques and difficult songs like you've never imagined possible.

To this day, I continue to successfully apply this amazing secret to every single thing I learn on the guitar, almost universally. And to this day, it continues to multiply the effectiveness of pretty much everything I learn.

How does "Pit-Stop Practicing" actually look like?

According to my personal experience, what I've learned from teaching others, and everything I’ve been taught about training the human body… here’s what correct practice ACTUALLY looks like:

1. Practice few things…

2. for short amounts of time…

3. and repeat enough times without exceeding your body’s ability.

Not rocket science, right?

Right. However, the thing is…

As simple as this sounds, it can actually be tricky to APPLY correctly, unless you’ve been shown how by someone "in the know." And, like everything else… going from theory to practical everyday use is easier said than done. There’s a few more important details you need to know (but once you do, it’s a piece of cake).

If you want to learn the EXACT way that I’ve been taught to do this, how I currently implement this, and the way I’ve taught others (that’s getting amazing results)… Now you can learn about this entire process in a new downloadable book called:


Secret Strategies Most Guitarists Will Never Tell You About To Go From Beginner To Head-Turning Guitar Player Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

I’ve discovered what I believe is probably one of the simplest, most powerful secrets for making you dangerously good on guitar, FAST.

“Pit-Stop Practice” works by having you make a slight change in the way you practice to actually fool your brain into remembering new finger movements faster (improved muscle memory) - so natural talent becomes far less important.

I’ve condensed down everything I’ve learned about Pit-Stop Practice, what it is, how it works, and how to easily apply it, into a short 66-page book called: The No B.S. Guitar Advantage. This book is NO LONGER FOR SALE, but it's FREE for learn-at-home guitar players who signup today.

Here's what some of our students had to say after reading this book (yes, these are all REAL and written by actual customers):

“I am impressed by the lessons in the book!”

Speaking as a professional Drummer, on the road with Steve Hackett, touring the album Genesis Revisited 2, I take a guitar with me everywhere to practice. Your methods are great! I came across similar from a teacher I had many years ago, but lost contact with, for one reason or another. I feel very connected with this idea, as I myself run a music school in London, and teach Drums, but we also cover Guitar, Bass Piano and Vocals. [The book's advice] is pretty much what I preach too, as I believe you learn 10 to 20 times more when doing a rehearsal, than in any lesson... thanks again for what seems like a great product, and insight!” —Gary O'Toole,
Professional drummer for Steve Hackett

“The best no nonsense guitar course available”

“Johnny has done all the hard work and made all the mistakes to present a real way forward for actually PLAYING guitar. Not just tips to play, but a real solid foundation for making real music... This (book) is worth a lot more than he is asking and you could pay a great deal more for a hell of a lot less. At this price you cant lose.” —Robert Johnson, U.K.

“Things I never considered before”

“After playing guitar for a couple of years and progressing slowly I wanted to speed up my mastery to higher levels... I had a shock with some of Johnny's advice as I naturally believed the more you practice, the better. After trying Johnny's system for a couple of months I can tell you categorically that focusing on the quality of your practice rather than the quantity is the key to rapid improvement. The book doesn't stop with its ideas on deliberate practice however and goes on to focus on many other very useful areas as well... The highlight is the chapter on how to have fun while learning, I and I'm sure many others have been discouraged in learning guitar by the tedious practice drills some teachers encourage. Johnny shows you learning doesn't need to be this way and for that reason I have given this *boom* five stars. Thanks Johnny!—Peter Mitchell

“My practice is definitely more effective than before”

“I have a fabulous (and affordable) guitar teacher, so I wasn't sure I really needed this book. But I was curious to see what was so revolutionary in learning how to play the guitar... I found that I was already using a few of the strategies - ones already suggested by my instructor... It's definitely worth it. My practice is definitely more effective than before. I'm also finding that I'm more comfortable playing/practicing around other people... it is concise, easy to read, and it contains several strategies that are easy to incorporate and significantly accelerate a serious student's progress.—J. Newton, Tennessee

“Worth more than the lessons I took”

“I’m not a kid anymore, but I’ve been trying to learn guitar on and off for the last 10 years for fun. Mostly trying to teach myself through information I find on the internet, when time permits... After being frustrated with not having a clear direction learning the guitar, I finally stumbled upon his website while looking for blues and country beginner lessons. I immediately saw that what Johnny teaches is far different than what anyone out there is currently teaching. He talks about strategy instead of techniques... each lesson is just chocked full of wisdom and I’ve gained so much from just applying a few of them... I can see how even advanced players could benefit, but I think it’s most suited for beginner or intermediate players. The one glaring omission is that, as I said before, it’s all strategies and advice on avoiding the common beginner mistakes, and not at all about techniques... But a quick google search is all you need nowadays. Whereas the stuff Johnny teaches, I’ve honestly never seen anywhere before. I definitely recommend anyone serious about guitar check this out immediately. It will really change how you see approaching the guitar.—S. Sopaphun

“No B.S. is right!”

“Straight and to the point. Finally someone who takes the same approach to guitar that I have for years. Most, not all, guitar teachers will string you along for as long as they can. (Because it makes them a LOT of money)... Playing the songs you enjoy and learning them by ear, and by trial and error, is the best way to go and usually the most enjoyable... As Johnny says, don't play anything you don't like. There is some really good information here. Grab it!!—Heddon 25, Illinois

“Best guitar advice out there!”

Hands-down the best down-to-earth guitar advice we all need to hear! Attitude, mind-set, discipline, and focus are just some of the issues we all need to have, even before we pick up our guitar for practice.” —Rodrigo E. Rodero

“Held on because of his sage advice”

“Love Johnny's email tips. Guy is serious about making us better players. I am beginner and have held on because of his sage advice. Thanks Johnny rock on bro!” —Michael A. Keenan

“Worth the price”

“This is an energetic book with many commonsense suggestions to practice. He seems very sincere in his desire to teach and his emails are something I anticipate each day. As I said, worth the investment.—Submariner, Arizona

“Good for newbies and intermediate guitarists”

Even if you've been playing for 5 years, you might find something here that is new. But if you've been playing for decades, you might want to pass it by.” —M. Krohne, Atlanta, GA

“So true!!”

“This book will not only give you great advice on how to play the guitar, but also great advice on real life. It will give you something to think about, maybe something you did not realise until now. But I promise you, this will give you motivation, and put a smile on your face.” —Liv Marte Ellingsen

“One of the best Investments in my Progress”

“Johnny's approach to 'teaching' guitar is to mentally guide us through what really matters in learning the craft. After reading through his strategies a few times, I feel I'm on a better path when practicing. Looking forward to all Johnny has to offer and only have high regards to his material.” —J. Olivares, Texas

“Worth a read”

“For learning to play guitar as your first instrument, I think this is a great book and worth reading.” —Earl Bosch

“Important Foundational Advice”

“...I have to say, if I never buy anything from the author, the advice given in the book will be invaluable as I progress as a guitarist. I will probably eventually prioritize the $90 or so for the course. The man leaves a strong impression of knowledge and sincerity.” —D. Moeser

“Very Motivational!”

“I always look forward to reading Johnny's free emails and I was excited to get a peak at this short book. I find his advice very motivational and this brief book is a great summary of key approaches to ultimately mastering guitar assuming that you truly enjoy playing. This book and his advice in email is not excessively technical but as you know, there are plenty of other Internet sites to get into technical detail (as boring yet necessary as some of it may be). This brief book however may motivate you to revise your current haphazard approach to learning and accelerate your growth. Thanks Johnny!” —Mark J. Brennan

Over 15,000 Copies Already Sold

Without a traditional publisher, it has stunned the guitar community and become an "underground" best-seller—selling over 15,080 copies in record time.

It is not available in bookstores and you can no longer buy it anywhere. But you'll get a copy FREE when you join the No B.S. Guitar Mentorship Monthly. I'll tell you about that in a minute.

But first, here’s a preview of what's inside The No B.S. Guitar Advantage:

  • Where to begin if you’re just getting started.
  • The 6 most common mistakes made by beginner guitarists.
  • How to ensure you lay the right foundation and avoid bad habits.
  • A mental trick you can use to instantly get your fingers moving properly at all times (relaxed and tension-free)… allows you to play faster and smoother.
  • Why choosing the wrong guitar could permanently stop you from playing with ease and confidence (plus a cheap fix way to modify your current guitar).
  • The surprising truth about talent and whether you need it to learn the guitar.
  • Why using YouTube and most online guitar lessons are proven time and again to cause beginner players to learn slower (and even stall)… plus the simple 6-word solution (life-changing for anyone who uses the internet to learn guitar.)
  • 6 guaranteed ways to stop struggling and start having fun immediately, even if you are a total guitar beginner.
  • How to develop speed without losing accuracy (believe it or not… a metronome is NOT used to increase your speed. I’ll show you a free software tool that IS.)
  • The simplest, most powerful tip I’ve ever discovered to immediately “put your guitar learning on steroids” that anyone can use in 5-minutes.
  • How to overcome fear of playing in front of other people, even if you’re an unconfident beginner (frequently been called “the best article I’ve ever read” by guitar players of every age)
  • And much much more…

Why stumble around blindly trying to learn the guitar yourself?

“Johnny, I wanted to drop a line and thank you. I’m 44 now. I started playing when I was young and had a sh***y teacher which lead to quitting. Picked it up again 13 years ago and 6 months in, I severed every tendon in my right arm, and quit again. A week ago my wife got me a guitar for Christmas. Using your theories, 7 days later I can play 'Wish You Were Here' all the way through. Thanks again.” —Eric Peterson

How much is your time worth?

Why should you have to go out and sort through hundreds of different courses, guitar methods, and systems… just to play a few tunes for your friends?

Now you don’t have to. Because I’ve already done all the hard work for you, and made all the mistakes. Then I took some of the most valuable tricks I’ve learned and put it into a short, easy-to-read book. All you have to do is absorb the information, and then apply the simple steps.


  • having precise control over your hands and fingers
  • rarely if ever screwing up and stumbling during a performance
  • having the power to almost force your fingers to perform the most difficult guitar techniques imaginable
  • being able to keep up and play along with other musicians and records at full speed
  • knowing without a doubt you can learn anything, no matter how tough, given a few days
  • learning new chords, new solos, and new techniques with almost effortless freedom
  • the feeling of accomplishment you’ll have when you finally “crack the code” on mastering the guitar and live the rest of your life creating wonderful music and sharing it with others
  • being able to help other struggling guitarists who would otherwise be clueless and stuck
  • eliminating the worry, anxiety, and frustration of not being “talented enough” from your life forever

How to Get A Copy of “The No B.S. Guitar Advantage”

“Hi, Johnny. I'm loving your guitar course... I first picked up a guitar just after my 60th birthday on April 23, 2017... The results have been truly amazing and wanted to let you know that in less than 6 months I performed live tonight at a local venue's open mike night!... So thank you for putting this information out there because I honestly believe it to accurate, effective and the best method to learn guitar.” —Robert Adam, Michigan

In 2011, I designed a step-by-step beginner guitar program called The No B.S. Guitar Mentorship. I held NOTHING back. I revealed every secret... every strategy... and every hidden technique I know about learning the guitar in the shortest possible time. In fact, Pit-Stop Practicing was just ONE of the many unknown techniques I revealed. I revealed things other guitarists are AFRAID to talk about. I revealed my unique method to take ANY beginner and—almost miraculously—allow him to finally master his favorite songs with ease, and play them note for note perfect... even if he's tried before and failed.

RESULT: This program was a huge success!

As of April 20, 2020 at least 3062 people have joined The No B.S. Guitar Mentorship. This year, over 99.973% of those who joined have stayed in our community.

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This program takes you by the hand and transforms you into the guitar player you've dreamed of becoming but never thought was possible. It's like having your own personal guitar mentor guiding you step-by-step to success. It's delivered in 6 easy-to-follow modules that's perfect for learn-at-home guitar players. Each month you receive a new module where we dive DEEP into my best-kept secrets for mastering the guitar with less effort. You no longer have to absorb a mountain of information at once. Instead I give you just enough to digest and use immediately, so your guitar skills grow lightning fast month after month, without hardly trying.

"Follow along" as we go on an exciting 6-month journey together. It's a great way to keep yourself accountable without paying thousands for private lessons, and just imagine how much easier this is than forcing yourself to "stay motivated". It doesn't get any easier!

Here’s a Preview of What You'll Discover

How To Master Anything On Guitar Up To 200% Faster

You will discover:

  • Pit-Stop Practice: A scientifically proven method of structuring your practice to achieve the results of 4 hours of practice in only 1-2 hours.
  • The secret to success is “practice, practice, practice,” right? Not true. Believe it or not, too much practice can actually hurt your ability to learn the guitar properly if you’re still a beginner. Not unless you do this. Fail to do it right and it will virtually guarantee your place in the 80% who end up quitting.
  • A simple little trick to save your hands from burnout and make barre chords much easier to play (that costs less than $50).
  • The “ugly” truth about learning the guitar most self-taught guitar teachers will never tell you. The masters like Hendrix, Clapton, SRV, BB King, Friedman, Slash, and others… all understand this.
  • The one thing you absolutely must have in order to even have a shot at learning the guitar effectively (it’s not talent or discipline). Save yourself the trouble and don’t even bother learning if you don’t have this.
  • 2 things you absolutely must have in place before you should even think of expressing yourself on the guitar creatively.

How To Use Secrets Of A Master Language Teacher To Effortlessly Explode Your Growth On Guitar

You will explore:

  • The simplest, most powerful way I’ve ever discovered to immediately “put your guitar learning on steroids” that anyone can use in 5-minutes.
  • 5 common mistakes most beginners make when selecting songs that leads to years of frustration.
  • The “context” secret that makes learning music theory unbelievably easy. No more struggling to figure out how it “works” because your brain has done the work for you.
  • The 3 step process for taking a master language teacher’s learning secrets and applying it to guitar that dramatically shortcuts your learning time.
  • Why learning all your favorite songs right away may NOT be the smartest thing to do, unless you make sure each song passes this simple “overlap” test.

MONTH 3: The 80/20 of Playing Guitar
How to Laser Focus On The 20% Most Useful Guitar Chords That Let You Play Your Favorite Songs With Ease

Hands down, this has got to be one of the easiest ways to make the most progress at guitar with the least effort.

Why? Because if your main interest is in Western music (such as rock, blues, country, pop, etc.) then nearly ALL the music you are likely to ever play will utilize one or more of these 7 chord shapes along with their 5 variations. What this means is...

The smartest way to open the doors to playing THOUSANDS of songs and to skip 80% of the work required for learning a new song is to simply FOCUS on music that contains these 7 chord shapes and 5 variations.

And no, this is NOT a new idea at all, but you won't find a single guitar teacher on the planet who makes chords as SIMPLE to understand as I do. I guarantee it. Here's what one woman said about this module:


“OK, All I have read in the last 5 minutes since I emailed you is the section on chords and the configurations and simplifying, I AM BLOWN AWAY AND THIS INFO IS WORTH THE PRICE OF THE WHOLE THING! You are awesome! This is EXACTLY the kind of info I need to get past stumbling blocks and get on to my blues guitar playing! Already a GIANT THANK U! I think I should write you a testimonial when I am done!” —Ellen Kutcher

Imagine how quickly you could play almost any song (even if you've never heard of it until a minute ago) if you already know most of the chords. It's like having the answers to a test before you take it!

How A 23-Year Old Jazz Guitar Prodigy Taught Me His Secret Shortcut To Guitar Mastery

We will expose:

  • The easiest way to make your guitar playing sound soulful, natural, and emotionally powerful.
  • The 10-word sentence understood by the world’s greatest guitarists that separates them from everyone else who struggle to make progress slowly, and eventually give up. It has nothing to do with talent or practicing more.
  • The 2 mistakes that caused me to actually play worse (your practice will be almost useless), despite practicing regularly and taking expensive lessons with a professional guitarist (who wrote for Guitar World magazine)… and the simple solution I used to undo the damage as recommended by Jimmy Page.
  • The single most important thing for beginners to understand is this.
  • Why learning the pentatonic and major scales is NOT recommended for beginners… unless you are doing this.
  • How to memorize new scales, new chords, new strumming patterns, and new songs… all effortlessly. This “fly-paper” technique is stupid-simple yet burns ideas into your brain with unbelievable potency.
  • Perhaps the most powerful way I’ve found to make learning otherwise boring 3-chord songs into an exciting and thrilling experience. This ridiculously simple trick will allow you to learn hundreds of more songs quicker than you would ever believe. Works like magic.
  • How to instantly tell if you will have a shot at learning the guitar. Most beginner guitarists incorrectly focus on this, and it’s almost a guaranteed sign they will fail.
  • The 2 biggest obstacles to learning the guitar more effectively that is overlooked by almost everyone. Why the world’s greatest (and perhaps most expensive) language teacher obsessed over these common pitfalls, and even redesigned his entire classroom to eliminate them when teaching his VIP students (Bob Dylan, Pierce Brosnan, Barbara Streisan, Woody Allen, etc). This alone is worth 10 times the price of this course.
  • How to make sure you never “forget” a song you’ve learned. Even if you stop playing it for years, you’ll still be able to pick it up again within days if you make sure to do this.
  • Are you shutting down your own creativity? Chances are, yes. Find out how you may be innocently activating a part of your brain called the “amygdala” (whether you realize it or not) and causing your playing to sound awful.
  • Ever have trouble getting your fingers to just obey no matter how much you try? Do NOT “try” to relax or “fix it” (trying only makes it worse). Here’s the reason it happens and the easy solution.
  • Almost unfair to other guitarists: Steve Vai’s secret to mastering the guitar without “work” or “struggle.” If you learn nothing else, you absolutely must hear this amazingly simple, yet powerful, method.
  • 6 guaranteed proven ways to grow your abilities as a guitarist faster. Hands down, the best 6 things you can do today for free, especially if you’re still in the beginning stages.
  • A free tool anyone can use to learn the most difficult songs, even if you’re a rank beginner.

How To Bust Out of Ruts And Experience Non-Stop Progress No Matter What Level You’re At

You will uncover:

  • How to easily diagnose what mistakes you’re making and fix them yourself.
  • How to tell if you’ve mastered something so you’ll know exactly when it’s the perfect time to move on.
  • 3 things beginners should never do to avoid being “stuck” at the same level for the next 6-12 months. Nearly every guitar book says the opposite (yet top guitarists say otherwise). Chances are overwhelming you’re making these mistakes.
  • The 2nd best way to learn the guitar is to teach yourself. The number one absolute best way to shortcut your way to becoming a masterful guitar player is this (it easily beats paying for lessons). This secret is used by every top athlete in the world, and works just as effectively for learning the guitar.
  • The 2 simple yet counter-intuitive things you must get right to succeed at teaching yourself the guitar. Around 10% of courses teach the first, but not even one course in 100 will teach you the second.
  • How to have an invisible guitar “mentor” by your side at all times, even when teaching yourself.
  • 3 strategies that multiply the effectiveness of your guitar practice when used synergistically. Use just one or two alone (most common case), and you’re playing at only a fraction of your full potential.
  • The 3 hidden paths to guitar mastery: This is like owning a secret “map” that shows you exactly what to practice next to make non-stop growth. Never be unsure again and never be “stuck.” Anytime you’re stuck, just follow this “map” and you’ll immediately see new progress!
  • Why technical ability is actually the least important area to focus on (yet it’s the one most people DO focus on)… and why the world’s best guitarists focus instead on this.
  • Want to write your own songs or learn to improvise? The 2 things you must do first to have any chance of success.
  • The easiest way to grow your creativity and make the best music you’re capable of.
  • Why learning these guitar skills in the “wrong order” is setting yourself up for disaster. You’ll practice for months and see very little improvement.
  • The most common strategy used by beginners learning the guitar is actually this. Why it’s almost guaranteed to lead to performance mistakes… and what to do instead.

How To Develop A Powerful Mindset That Literally Forces The Killer Guitarist Inside You To Awaken

The best guitarists in the world all understand this one simple secret: Success starts in the mind first. (And now you will too.)

We will reveal:

  • A 5-second change that will increase your chances of succeeding with guitar by 300%.
  • The single biggest mistake that leads to hours of “wasted” practice (and a false belief in you not having “talent”). Yet this 3-step formula instantly fixes this problem and even overcomes any lack of discipline or structure in your practice.
  • How to overcome being easily distracted and overwhelmed by all the new things there are to learn. Discipline not needed at all, only this 2-step solution.
  • Believe it or not, it’s actually smarter to aim as high as possible when learning the guitar. It has nothing to do with becoming a “guitar god” and instead has everything to do with this unrecognized fact.
  • You’re in control when it comes to learning the guitar, right? Not so. Try to control these 8 common actions required for learning the guitar and you’re almost guaranteed to end up quitting prematurely.
  • “If I could give you only one secret to learning the guitar in the shortest amount of time, it would be…”
  • The 6-step “solution delivery” method that uses your brain’s overlooked natural abilities to figure out difficult guitar techniques, almost without trying.
  • Could this controversial human reaction be stopping you from learning the guitar? The surprising answer and why new research may hold the key to unlocking your hidden natural talent.
  • The single most important thing you absolutely must do to avoid developing awful playing habits. (And the simple yet life-changing 2-step solution.)
  • Believe it or not, the one kind of “mistake” that you actually should make to literally improve faster. And the surprising reason why.
  • 6 things you should never forget about training your hands and body that’s understood by both gymnasts, dancers, and other competitive performers (who train their body for a living).
  • Practicing “slow” is the best way to practice, right? Not true. Why practicing “slow” may actually hurt your ability to practice after a few minutes (hint: accuracy drops)… and cause a downward cycle of inaccuracy unless you know how to prevent it.
  • Practice “fast” to play fast, right? Not quite. This needs to happen before you can safely practice fast.
  • The absolute 2 most important habits for learning the guitar if you ever wish to perform without stumbling.
  • The 5 “guidepost” questions you must ask yourself while practicing that almost guarantee your practice will pay off big in a very short time.
  • The single most important story you will ever hear that will allow you to eventually reach mastery level with the guitar. Remember this story and it will seem as if a patient “mentor” is sitting by your side at all times, guiding and directing you exactly where you need to go next. Works like a charm no matter how new or advanced you are to guitar.


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3. Anyone who is serious enough to put down the price of a fast food dinner once a month and invest in his happiness will be among the small group of exceptional people who get to enjoy the gifts of playing the guitar for the rest of their lives.

“Hey johnnny... I gotta admit I thought I wasted a hundred bucks... but I finally sat down uninterupted and fully 'digested' everything I have in front of me. I've applied what I have read and am making good steady progress in a way I'm most satisfied and confident ... just wanted to share those thoughts with you.” —Dave Jaster, Illinois

Sound fair enough?

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This is unheard of: To give you every possible advantage and make it dead-easy to apply what I’ll teach, I’m including FREE software that will automate the entire process for you!

The Pit-Stop Practice Trainer is easy to use and makes maximizing your progress on guitar incredibly simple. No thinking and analyzing needed. Just press start, practice as usual, and the software will take care of the rest, guiding you through the whole routine. Customize it to make it as easy or difficult as you want. Now this $19.95 offer is an absolute "no-brainer."


Back in 2011, I did a series of private mentorship sessions over email with a few No B.S. Guitar members. For these fortunate few, I had them tell me 2 simple things:

1. What is your ultimate goal with guitar?
2. What are your biggest roadblocks, problems, and frustrations?

I’ve carefully chosen 23 of the mentoring sessions I thought were the most valuable, and most useful for helping beginner guitar players get to the point of learning anything they want on their own. This bonus alone is worth the entire price.

This is like having me right there next to you, expertly guiding you through nearly every imaginable problem you will face for your first 3 years.

“At first, I thought that I was going to get hook, line, and sinker-ed (it ain't a word, but sue me, I hit a wrong note); what I found out was the truth...you have given me, full enjoyment of the guitar. It's unbelievable how much fun I am having, even hitting the wrong notes, because I am learning from it... you have freed me from feeling like I would never be able to play... I never really intended to write songs, but here I am practicing, my very own stuff... it's even been noticed by others...I really don't know how to say thank you... I am and will be forever grateful. Thank you so much!!!!!!” —Mario Fabela, Alabama

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Think you need “finger strength” for barre chords? No way. Barre chords become almost effortless once you focus on doing these 2 things instead. See pages 22, 30, and 35.
  • Perhaps the most powerful secret inside these 23 mentorship sessions: How to burn new habits into your body… without effort, willpower, or discipline! Sounds impossible but it’s actually very simple once you use this 2 step formula. If you gain nothing else, this secret alone will explode your playing ability with greater ease than you could ever imagine. See page 24.
  • Which fingers should you use in different situations? This simple rule lets you know the perfect fingerings to use for playing nearly everything. See page 11.
  • The 3-step technique to develop masterful rhythm and strumming, even if you don’t naturally possess any sense of rhythm (like me). Works like a charm. See page 54.
  • Still learning scales by running up and down the “boxes”? STOP. Use this easy 3-step process to master scales like your “ABC’s” (without making it boring) and best of all… never sound like a scale again when improvising! See page 41.
  • The worst way to learn theory that almost every guitar website teaches. What to do instead. See page 13.
  • Practicing “slow” is the key to playing fast, right? Not true. Practicing slow for accuracy without also focusing on this second requirement will almost guarantee you stay slow for life. Use this 5-second “thought” test to make sure you’re doing it right. See pages 26-27
  • “At the beginning I thought 'what a bunch of bs'. Haha! I was wrong... Today I’m sick so I stayed home. I was bored so I picked up my guitar. Didn’t think of getting better. Just played. To my amazement my fingers were landing every note without hesitation... So I thought to try play along with the song at full speed. Oh MY GOODNESS! I couldn’t believe it. It even felt slow at full speed... It took me almost 2 months to get Enter Sandman, both rhythm and lead... THIS STUFF WORKS... I just wanna thank you. You’ve done to my playing what no one ever has done. I can’t wait to move on to a new song. Thank you, Johnny.” —Alex Martinez, Utah

  • Get distracted easily? How to beat “distraction” without giving up the stuff you want to learn to play. No discipline and no “forcing it.” This powerful secret is unbelievably easy yet requires only 5 minutes a day! See page 45.
  • Are you using too much pressure to play? How to know for sure and the 2-step solution that cures it instantly. (Perfect for mastering chords extremely quickly) See page 30.
  • How to develop an intuitive understanding of music so your songwriting and improvisations sound spectacular. You’ll easily “know” when something sounds off because the language of music will become second nature to you. See page 9.
  • How to develop a powerful “musical memory” using this little-known technique perfected by Buddhist monks. See page 62.
  • Losing motivation for guitar? How to get it back quickly without struggle so none of your practice goes to waste. It’s likely due to these 6 reasons. See pages 20, 23, 32, 39, 42, 59.
  • A “quirk” of human nature you can trigger that makes it nearly impossible to not pick up the guitar every chance you get. Imagine how much easier and faster you’ll learn. See page 43.
  • What scales, techniques, and songs you should study before writing your own music. See page 9.
  • How to make chords, techniques, songs, and theory “stick” so that you’re always making steady progress, week after week. See page 12.
  • The single biggest secret to letting go and jamming your heart out on stage with complete freedom. Practicing chords, scales, and exercises will never get you there. Doing this will. See page 13.
  • Question from Julia: “How do I work out a strumming pattern for a song and how do I play with speed?” See page 14.
  • Question from Steve: “I can sit down and play a 12 bar blues no problem. But where do I go from here without playing the same stuff?” See page 20.
  • The absolute best way to inspire others with your guitar playing even if you’re not technically perfect. The Beatles used this time and again. See page 23.
  • How to overcome any fear of playing in front of other people (this lesson has frequently been called “the best article I’ve ever read” by guitar players of all ages). See page 62.
  • And much, much more…

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YES, I want in! I want access right now to The No B.S. Guitar Mentorship Monthly. Please give me INSTANT access to this step-by-step training right now!

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  • Instant Access to Bonus #1 - The No B.S. Guitar Advantage book PDF edition ($50 VALUE)
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60-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee. Cancel Anytime. Keep the bonuses.

60-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee. Cancel Anytime. Keep the bonuses.

Today Only:
$19.95 per month for 6 months

 For your security, all orders are managed by our GeoTrust secured server using 256-bit SSL encryption and processed by STRIPE Payments, a trusted PCI LEVEL 1 compliant 3rd-party. No credit card information stored by No B.S. Guitar.

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Click The Orange "Add to Cart" Button to Claim The No B.S. Guitar Mentorship Monthly Right Now

YES, I want in! I want access right now to The No B.S. Guitar Mentorship Monthly. Please give me INSTANT access to this step-by-step training right now!

  • 6 MODULES Of Monthly Training (One Per Month) - Instant Access to Module #1
  • Instant Access to Bonus #1 - The No B.S. Guitar Advantage book PDF edition ($50 VALUE)
  • Instant Access to Bonus #2 - Pit-Stop Practice automation software ($50 VALUE)
  • Instant Access to Bonus #3 - 23 Private Mentorship Sessions PDF edition ($500 VALUE)

60-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee. Cancel Anytime. Keep the bonuses.

60-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee. Cancel Anytime. Keep the bonuses.

Today Only:
$19.95 per month for 6 months

 For your security, all orders are managed by our GeoTrust secured server using 256-bit SSL encryption and processed by STRIPE Payments, a trusted PCI LEVEL 1 compliant 3rd-party. No credit card information stored by No B.S. Guitar.